School of Law, Politics and Sociology

Current and Recent Research Projects

All faculty in the School are research-active, and many are successful in attracting external funding, publishing their work in highly reputable outlets, and engaging on matters relating to their expertise with the media and others in the public and private sphere. Details of research activity can be found by clicking on the web profiles of individual members of faculty, but this page also provides an indicative selection of recent and current work conducted in the school. Just click on the links below.

Digital media and internet policy
Professor Chris Marsden (Law, University of Sussex)

Corruption, Anti-Corruption and Governance
Dr Dan Hough (Politics, University of Sussex)

A qualitative exploration of asexual identities and practices of intimacy
Dr Susie Scott (Sociology, University of Sussex) and Dr Matt Dawson (formerly of the same department; now at Glasgow University)

Sex, Gender and the Conservative Party
Professor Paul Webb (Politics, University of Sussex) and Sarah Childs (University of Bristol)

DIY Heart Health: accounting for the ‘use’ of over the counter statins
Dr Catherine Will (Sociology, University of Sussex)