Patient as Teacher Scheme

What is the Patient as Teacher Scheme?

At Sussex Pharmacy, we believe that an essential part of the learning experience for MPharm students is having the opportunity to meet, interact and learn from patients and members of the public.  We have developed an innovative ‘Patient as Teacher Scheme’, which sees students interact with patients from the first term.  These sessions enable students not only to learn about how patients live with a range of conditions, but also allows them to develop their communication skills and confidence. 

How is the scheme managed?

We have developed a standard operating procedure for the Patient as Teacher Scheme as we recognise the importance of ensuring the comfort and safety of patients contributing to the scheme; we also ensure that briefings are available before the sessions and written consent is sought from all patients beforehand; we also ensure that all patient data is kept securely.  Patients are free to join/leave the scheme at any time, but we will normally write to all patients at the beginning of each academic year to confirm they still wish to be involved.

Where do Sessions take place?

All sessions take place in JMS 2B4 and JMS 2B13, which is situated in the pharmacy corridor in the John Maynard Smith Building, in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Sussex. Access to the pharmacy area is step-free.

When will sessions take place?

We run two patient as teacher sessions per term for each year group; our OSCE exams also take place in the last week of each term (December and May).

Will participants be paid?

We are not able to pay participants, but we will pay travel expenses and provide refreshments for each session. We also give all participants a voucher as a thank you for their time and contribution.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in contributing to our Patient as Teacher Sessions please contact the Pharmacy Practice Experience Officer, Dr. Alex Ralston for more details on 01273 873156 or  Relevant forms are available below:

Supporting Documents:

Patient As Teacher Handbook (standard operating procedure)

Joining the Patient As Teacher Scheme information leaflet

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCEs) information leaflet

Consent form to participate in Patient as Teacher scheme and/or OSCEs

Patient Re-Consent Form 

Information Sheet for Pharmacy Education Video Recordings

Consent for Pharmacy Education Video Recording

Patient Risk Assessment Form