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Dr David Smith

Post:Emeritus Reader (Chemistry)
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1952-1955    University of Cambridge, Natural Science Tripos, Ph D

1958-1959    Cornell University, Research Associate, Fulbright Scholar

1959-1962    University of Leicester, Assistant Lecturer then Lecturer

1963-1974    University of Sussex, Lecturer then Reader

1974             Alexander von Humboldt Scholar, University of Munich

1988             Visiting Member of Faculty, University of Uppsala

1992-1996    Dean School of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences 



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Coles, M. P.; Sozerli, S. E.; Smith, J. D.; Hitchcock, P. B. Metal complexes of guanidine-substituted alkyl ligands: an unsolvated monomeric two-coordinate organolithium.

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Smith, J. D.  Organometallic compounds of the heavier s-block elements - what next?

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2009, 48, 6597-6599.


My research interests are in Main Group Organometallic Chemistry. I write occasional articles in this area and conribute to discussions in the research group of Dr M P Coles. Recent work has been on organolithium and -calcium compounds, organozinc hydrides and compounds containing Group 14- phosphorus bonds.