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NSS is live!

22 January 2016

The 2016 National Student Survey (NSS) launches today for all Sussex undergraduates graduating this year.

2015: A fantastic year for the SDDC

14 January 2016

The Sussex Drug Discovery Centre has secured several major external awards through 2015 and will be recruiting this year.

Researchers uncover a novel link between genetics and movement control

22 October 2015

A small molecule in cells, previously believed to have no impact on animal behaviour, could in fact be responsible for controlling precise movements.

Tiny mitochondria play mighty role in fertility and ageing

21 October 2015

Mutations within the DNA of mitochondria – the tiny structures that power cells – have significant effects on fertility and life expectancy.

Chemistry Nobel laureate is “a great mentor” says top Sussex scientist

7 October 2015

Sussex scientists praise one of the new Nobel Prize-winners for Chemistry who received an honorary degree from the University in 2013.

Year 12 teenagers “graduate” following nine months of university education

23 July 2015

AS level students from Sussex and London received university tuition to boost their aspirations for A level and beyond.

Research reveals new insights into a key antibiotic target in the fight against TB

30 June 2015

Scientists at the University of Sussex have unraveled a key process in the bacterium that causes tuberculosis (TB).

Alzheimer’s culprit causes memory loss even before brain degeneration says Sussex study

29 May 2015

A key component in the progress of dementia can cause memory loss in healthy brains even before physical signs of degeneration says Sussex research.

Deadline nears to apply for Research Development Fund

30 March 2015

The closing date for applications to the third round of the Research Development Fund is 5pm on Friday 17 April.

Next generation of dementia scientists to explore genetic risk of Alzheimer’s

5 February 2015

A gene that increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 10 times will be the focus of a new research centre launched today at Sussex.

Items 431 to 440 of 488

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