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Almost 200 Sussex researchers have joined Covid-19 Research group

13 May 2020

190 University of Sussex researchers have signed up to join the newly-formed Covid-19 Research network.

Research sheds light on efficiency of materials used in fibre optics

12 May 2020

Sussex chemists have analysed the efficiency and damage thresholds of materials used in fibre optics.

Sussex neuroscientist secures prestigious award

7 May 2020

A neuroscientist at the University of Sussex has received a prestigious award from the Wellcome Trust.

Introducing the SU’s new BAME Ambassadors

6 May 2020

A new Students’ Union ambassador team want to hear from black, Asian and minority ethnic students to ensure they are heard and better represented.

DNA database pioneer elected Royal Society Fellow

29 April 2020

An innovative Life Sciences professor has received the distinguished honour of being made a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Communities could help meet demand for health supplies during Covid-19 with open access hardware and 3D printing

27 April 2020

Free open source hardware and 3D printing could help to alleviate the burden of Covid-19 on global health systems, according to Sussex scientists.

Rising star researcher receives prestigious fellowship

23 April 2020

A researcher has been recognised as a future leader in her field with a prestigious national fellowship.

How Sussex is staying physically, digitally and mentally fit in a pandemic

23 April 2020

Sussex students and staff have been responding to the Covid-19 crisis in remarkable and heart-warming ways.

Having a PhD viva using Zoom

23 April 2020

Noora Nevala successfully defended her PhD via Zoom. If you have your viva coming up and aren’t sure what to expect, Noora has answered some questions

City Nature Challenge: how to reconnect with nature from home

22 April 2020

Organisers are urging people to continue to take part in the City Nature Challenge and find ways to connect with nature from their home.

Items 31 to 40 of 491

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