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Risk of return to exponential growth in Coronavirus cases if UK mobility not kept below half of pre-lockdown levels

9 June 2020

A new report warns of exponential growth in Coronavirus cases if UK population mobility is not kept below more than half of pre-lockdown figures.

Sussex student to increase visibility of BAME role models in science

8 June 2020

A PhD student aims to increase the visibility of role models in science for BAME students by building a community that extends beyond the School.

Science curricula must be decolonised too

5 June 2020

Exploring the often unsavoury history behind many significant advances can be enlightening and empowering for students, argues Daniel Akinbosede

Research finds chemical compounds pointing to new therapeutic avenues for an aggressive blood cancer

3 June 2020

Scientists identified a chemical compound that is able to interfere with a protein-protein interaction critical to the onset of a type of blood cancer

This Sussex Life: Undergraduate Julia Reinstein: "My bone marrow was 100 per cent leukaemia cells."

2 June 2020

Neuroscience student Julia Reinstein describes her journey with blood cancer and why she is raising awareness of the treatment that saved her.

Research reveals how cells arrange their structure during mitosis

29 May 2020

Scientists have discovered a novel mechanism by which cells arrange their structure during the complex process of cell division, or mitosis.

When one pixel is enough: ‘single pixel’ vision in fish could help scientists understand how humans see tiny detail

29 May 2020

Recently discovered ‘single-pixel vision’ in fish could help researchers understand how humans are able to spot details like stars in the sky.

Research laboratories prepare for partial reopening

29 May 2020

Health and safety measures and guidance have been put in place so that some research laboratories on campus can re-open today and early next week.

Research demonstrates how proteins work together to complete cell division

22 May 2020

Sussex research has demonstrated how two proteins work in tandem to initiate and complete the process of cell division.

Leukaemia researcher to host virtual Q&As on stem cell donation, with student who received life-saving transplant

20 May 2020

Two live virtual events will debunk the myths around stem cell donation and encourage more people to join the bone marrow register.

Items 31 to 40 of 490

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