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Create a hoverfly lagoon in your school garden to support pollinators

12 October 2017

Researchers are looking for primary schools to take part in a new citizen science project, aiming to create habitats that allow hoverflies to thrive.

Sussex student wins science communication award

6 October 2017

Mahmoud Bukar Maina, a Neuroscience PhD student, has won a prestigious science communication award for his outreach work in Africa.

Sussex staff recognised for their green impact

5 October 2017

Green Impact Awards have been presented to eight Sussex teams for improvements made to their environmental performance.

Beware of malicious emails

5 October 2017

Be suspicious of any emails which are about money, and take care before clicking on links or opening attachments.

Online careers fair for women in STEM

5 October 2017

The Finding Ada Online Careers Fair is an online jobs fair for women in STEM who are looking for their first graduate job. Held on 16 November, the...

A female Nobel winner: the enduring inspiration of that rarest of scientists

4 October 2017

Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard's Nobel win instilled in Erika Mancini the belief that when it comes to science, no question is too bold.

Project involving Sussex chemists receives multi-millions in funding

2 October 2017

A project that will increase competitiveness of local SMEs in the chemical industry is set to receive 3.9 million euros (£3.4 million) in funding.

Pharmacy welcomes second ever intake of students with special ceremony

29 September 2017

The University of Sussex has welcomed only its second ever intake of pharmacy students with a unique ceremony.

Your chance to switch on the University’s new solar panels

29 September 2017

On Friday 13 October a student and a staff member will have the opportunity to switch on solar panels in two campus buildings.

Sussex and Tokyo Tech work together to provide a world-class student experience

29 September 2017

Universities agree partnership to internationalise professional services and explore co-operation on education and research.

Items 1 to 10 of 271

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