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Sussex student to host panel discussions on the experiences of BAME scientists

8 July 2020

A PhD student is hosting two online discussions to share the successes and challenges experienced by a panel of BAME scientists.

Times have been tough for the most meat-loving carnivores, research finds

24 June 2020

Research has demonstrated that the ongoing human-driven mass extinction event has particularly affected the world’s most carnivorous mammals.

Scientists reveal key step in maintenance of DNA replication

19 June 2020

Scientists have identified which function of an essential protein is vital for ensuring DNA replication and cell viability.

Rooting for the future: how the public can help to reflower our landscapes

18 June 2020

A Sussex researcher is seeking to understand how we can better manage the places we live and work to allow nature to thrive.

Behavioural and data scientist to speak about unconscious bias to the School of Life Sciences

18 June 2020

Freelance journalist and author Dr Pragya Agarwal is giving a Zoom talk on Thursday 25 June at 1pm.

Simple blood test could one day diagnose motor neurone disease

18 June 2020

Sussex researchers identify unique biomarker opening the door to future developments which allow for quicker diagnosis.

Scientists discover new protective role of insect hormones

16 June 2020

Two hormones which are key to moulting and metamorphosis have another role in protecting insects from a bacterial pathogen, according to research.

From the eye to the brain: understanding light, colour vision and behaviour

11 June 2020

Sussex scientists have studied how zebrafish send information from the eye to the brain to explore unanswered questions about colour vision and...

Sussex Sustainability Research Programme launch webinar series in response to pandemic’s impact on sustainability

10 June 2020

How did human and environment interactions influence the emergence of COVID-19 and the resulting pandemic?

How magnetic fields and 3D printers will create the pills of tomorrow

9 June 2020

Doctors could soon be administering a course of treatment for life-threatening conditions with a 3D printed capsule controlled by magnetic fields.

Items 1 to 10 of 489

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