People and contacts

Prof Alonso

Professor Claudio Alonso
Professor of Developmental Neurobiology and  Subject Chair for Neuroscience

Dr Baden

Professor Tom Baden
Professor of Neuroscience

Prof Guthrie

Professor Sarah Guthrie
Professor of Developmental Neuroscience Head of School of Life Sciences

Dr Gu

Dr Yan Gu
Analytical and Quantitative Light Microscopy Facility Manager

Prof Hafezparast

Dr Majid Hafezparast
Reader in Human/Mammalian Molecular Genetics

George Kemenes

Professor George Kemenes
Professor of Neuroscience

Dr Kemenes

Dr Ildiko Kemenes
Reader in Neuroscience

Dr Korneev

Dr Sergei Korneev
Senior lecturer in Neuroscience

Corne Kros

Professor Corne Kros
Professor of Neuroscience

Leon Lagnado

Professor Leon Lagnado
Professor of Neuroscience

Prof Maravall

Professor Miguel Maravall
Professor of Neuroscience

Dr Murrell-Lagnado

Dr Ruth Murrell-Lagnado
Reader in Neuroscience

Dr Penn

Dr Andrew Penn
Research Fellow


Dr Ilse Pienaar
Lecturer in Pharmacology (Neuroscience)

Guy Richardson

Professor Guy Richardson
Professor of Neuroscience

Prof Serpell

Professor Louise Serpell
Professor of Biochemistry

Kevin Staras

Professor Kevin Staras
Professor of Neuroscience

Dr Staras

Dr Ruth Staras
Lecturer in Neuroscience



Dr Camila Tornoe

Dr Camilla Tornoe
Senior Lecturer