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Sussex Neuroscientist awarded prestigious research prize

13 November 2018

A Professor of Neuroscience has been awarded a prestigious prize to further his work into animal vision.

University of Sussex scientists opening up access to science through DIY equipment

8 November 2018

Scientists have developed a £25 piece of hardware to demonstrate how our brains function, which could aid educators around the world.

New Canvas Fundamental workshop dates announced

17 October 2018

New Canvas Fundamental workshop dates added

Neuroscientist named as global rising star by top academic publisher

20 September 2018

Dr Sarah Garfinkel has been included in the prestigious Nature Index 2018 as one of 11 outstanding early to mid-career scientists globally.

Successful online campaign continues to inspire a future generation of African scientists

23 August 2018

Seven months ago a Sussex researcher launched an online campaign to promote science in Nigeria. A recent report demonstrates its success so far.

Pride in STEM: Sussex scientists celebrate Brighton Pride

15 August 2018

University scientists brought family-friendly activities to the UK’s biggest LGBT+ event on Saturday 4 August.

Successful showcase celebrates work of LGBT+ scientists

10 July 2018

In recognition of LGBTSTEM day (5 July 2018), a special event was held on campus to celebrate the work done by LGBT+ scientists across the University.

Sussex celebrates first LGBTSTEM Day

28 June 2018

The first international LGBTSTEM Day will be celebrated on campus with an event to showcase the science that is done by LGBT+ scientists.

Family-friendly science to feature at Sussex Community Festival

20 June 2018

Learn about bees, brains, Britain’s nature and more from researchers in the School of Life Sciences at this year’s Sussex Community Festival.

Revealed: why drug users prefer heroin at home, but cocaine while out

14 May 2018

University of Sussex research shows that response of brain and emotions to addictive drugs depends on both the setting and the substance of use.

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