School of Life Sciences

X-ray crystallography

Crystallisation Laboratory:
In the laboratory we have two crystallisation robots, an Art Robbins Phoenix (the workhorse of the lab, for experiments with 50-300nl of protein per well) and a Douglas Instruments Oryx8 (for fine pH screening and matrix micro-seeding experiments. The crystallization plates (MRC 2 and 3-well and Douglas Vapour Batch) are stored in RUMED incubators at either 14°C or 20°C or in the cold-room at 4°C. Most commercial crystallisation screens are available.

X-Ray Laboratory:
The facility houses two generators, one mainly for protein work consisting of a Rigaku 007HF rotating anode generator, VariMax-HF mirrors, Saturn 944+ CCD detector and Oxford Cryosystems 700 cryostream and the second, for chemical crystallography, an Enraf-Nonius CAD4 system.

For further information please contact: Dr Mark Roe and the facilities page.