School of Life Sciences

Optical microscopy

The Sussex Centre for Advanced Microscopy provides optical and electron microscopy for the University of Sussex and for the Brighton and Sussex Medical School. 

Our facilities support techniques ranging from high-speed imaging of neural impulses to ultrastructural resolution of nano particles (See Electron Microscopy for more information on our scanning and transmission electron microscopy facilities). 

Our fluorescence microscopes are state-of-the-art systems for the study of the biochemical structure and the molecular interactions that are critical in living cells.  We can look deep into tissues using confocal  or 2-photon microscopy to watch multiple, colour-coded molecules live in 3D.  We provide software and training that  permits  measurement  and analysis of the distribution and mobility of structures in the images of live tissues.  Of course the relationship between light and the biological specimen is not simple; we offer training and consultation to help you understand how the image represents the biological reality and how you can get the most back from the effort you invest into the microscope. 

In collaboration with the School of Physics, the School of Informatics and the Clinical Imaging Science Centre of the Brighton and Sussex Medical School, we offer a one year Master’s level course in Imaging in Biomedical Research which provides in depth training in the theoretical and technical basis of biological and medical imaging.

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