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Electron Microscopy Imaging Centre

The Electron Microscopy Imaging Centre (EMC) is based in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Sussex.

Renewed in 2016 and partly funded by a Wellcome Trust grant and RM Phillips donation, the EMC aims to support and develop structural biology research projects. These range from atomic and molecular particle analysis to the characterization of tissue and cell ultrastructure by using transmission electron microscopy (TEM), 3D reconstruction, tomography and integrative imaging approaches.

We are a cryoEM imaging centre with access to eBIC using a BAG system for high resolution data acquisition.

About the microscope

The EMC has one transmission electron microscope, a JEOL JEM1400-Plus (120kV, LaB6) equipped with a Gatan OneView 4K camera optimized for both sensitivity and speed.

This latest generation of high frame rate CMOS sensor allows automatic real time drift correction for high resolution 2D and 3D image analysis. The microscope is also fitted with high contrast imaging objective apertures for biological samples.

The set-up allows imaging of specimen ultrastructure at up to 0.38 nm point resolution.

Images from our microscope

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You can book various instruments, including the microscope, using the Life Sciences equipment calendar.


Pascale Schellenberger is head of the EMC. You can email Dr Schellenberger.

Browse instruments

JEOL JEM-1400Plus

  • 120 kV/TEM with Lab6 and Gatan OneView 4K CMOS digital camera.

Sample holders

  • single specimen holder
  • quartet holder
  • high tilt holder
  • two Gatan model 626 single tilt Cryo-holders.

Sample preparation

  • Gatan CP3 Cryo-plunger
  • negative staining preparation area
  • Leica Ultracut Ultramicrotome.

Applications and data acquisition software

  • Gatan GMS3
  • JEOL ShotMeister for high resolution 2D montages
  • JEOL Recorder for Tomography
  • Serial EM for low dose CryoEM data acquisition.
Find us


The centre is based in the John Maynard Smith Building on the University of Sussex campus.

Read our directions on how to get to the University campus and walk to the John Maynard Smith Building.

Car park 1 in Science Road, with pay-and-display machines, is the closest to the JMS building.


Electron Microscopy Imaging Centre
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