Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


The School of Life Sciences is committed to working toward equity for all in our community. We recognise that in order to be a School that enables success for all staff and students, we must directly address inequalities and continually reflect on our practices.

The University’s core values are kindness, integrity, inclusion, collaboration and courage. We seek to embody these in all that we do, so that all members of our community can make a contribution and thrive.

We recognise that there are sometimes instances of unfair and discriminatory treatment suffered by students and staff within the School. These actions are in no way a representation of the ideals we hold, and reports of such behaviour will be handled and investigated with a sense of urgency, care and due diligence.

The School has a Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee, with representatives from across the School of Life Sciences. The key role of the committee is to promote and encourage our values across the School, by championing initiatives that meet the University’s goals of being Equal, Diverse, Accessible and Flexible.