Evolution, behaviour and environment

Career and student perspectives

A degree from the School of Life Sciences opens the doors to a wide range of careers both in science and other areas of work. We aim to equip you with a wide range of skills required to pursue a rewarding career after your studies. In addition to practical and analytical skills, we want you to graduate from Sussex with a wider view of the world.

By planning projects, giving presentations, managing deadlines and defending your views, you will develop the intellectual confidence you need to make your mark in the world of work or studying at a higher level.

But don't just take our word for it. Read what our former and current students have to say about their experience at Sussex and beyond:

Helen's perspective

'After graduating from Sussex, I moved to London and worked for the Royal Society as Editorial Coordinator on their main biological journal Proceedings B, which historically publishes a large amount of behavioural ecology. During my degree I was really interested in animal behaviour and studied the behaviour of a green turtle at Brighton Sea Life Centre for my dissertation, so I felt very at home working on this journal.

'The Royal Society is the oldest science academy in the world, and is actively involved in science policy, communication and funding, hence over the three and half years of working at the society I did my best to get involved in cross-sectional activities. It was through these projects that I became really interested in science policy and decided to change the direction of my career, but I needed to again experience. So I requested an internal secondment to the science policy unit at the Royal Society and set up an external secondment at the Institute of Biology. I then worked for a short time at a health professional charity and now work for the Wellcome Trust, the largest UK charity funding innovative biomedical research.

'A career in science policy is really exciting and gives you a real chance to try and influence UK, EU or global policy. You get to work on topical issues such as the impacts on biodiversity from biofuels, global health impacts of climate change and or new and emerging diseases like avian flu. You also have the opportunity to work with some of the most influential scientists around the world – you never stop learning!'

Helen Braysher
BSc in Biology
Science Policy Officer, Wellcome Trust