Research interests: Ecological process and environmental change,  Identification of conservation priorities using GIS, modelling and remote sensing, soundscape and bioacoustics, participatory governance for sustainablity.

Research Grant Funding

2019: Community-based data-driven decision making for sustainable management of marine resources in Indonesia. PI Mika Peck, Co-I James Fairhead, Co-I Dr Ricardo Tapilatu (University of Papua). IDCF - £59,477

2018  REEFNET: A sustainable marine conservation network for Komodo National Park. DEFRA - Darwin Initiative (scoping).

2015 – 2018: Complete Altitudinal Rainforest Transect for research and conservation in PNG (DEFRA Darwin Initiative: £292,171)

2015 – 2016: Rapid Acoustic Survey: Validating Acoustic Methods for Biodiversity Assessment in tropical and temperate forest (Leverhulme Trust: £60,421)

2015 – 2016: Participatory conservation of Chocoan forest remnants in NW Ecuador (Network for Social Change, £15,000)

2013 - 2014: Sussex Research Development Fund Rapid Acoustic Survey. Dept. Evolution, Behaviour & Environment, Life Sciences with PI Mika Peck. 

2012 – 2015: Building Biodiversity research capacity as a model to protect 100 km2 of Papua New Guinea rainforest from logging (DEFRA Darwin Initiative: £246,488)

2010 – 2013: Conservation of the critically endangered brown-headed spider monkey (Holly Hill Trust £164,000)

2008 – 2009: EMPOWER - Conserving one of the World’s most biodiverse hotspots through community empowerment (Network for Social Change: £10,304)

2005 – 2008: Developing a sustainable conservation network for primates in Ecuador (DARWIN Initiative) - PRIMENET (DEFRA Darwin Initiative: £236,144)