Animal colour vision and eye design, visual ecology and the evolution of visual signals. Current research on birds, primates and cephalopod molluscs, deals with how these animals perceive their natural environments, and how they use vision to recognise and learn about objects in their worlds.

Some Recent Publications
Bird vision and behaviour

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Primate trichromacy and reviews on photoreceptor spectral sensitivities and colour vision

  • Osorio D, Vorobyev, M. 2008. A review of the evolution of animal colour vision and visual communication signals. Vision Research.
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Cuttlefish visual behaviour and camouflage

  • Kelman, E.J., Osorio, D. Baddeley, R.J. 2008. A review of cuttlefish camouflage and object recognition and evidence for depth perception, Journal of Experimental Biology, 211. doi: 10.1242/jeb.015149
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Miscellaneous: Insect vision, Plumage Coloration etc.

  • Osorio D. 2007. Spam and the evolution of the fly's eye. Bioessays. 29 :111-115
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