Evolution, behaviour and environment

People and contacts

Prof Bacon

Professor Jonathan Bacon
 Professor of Neuroscience

Dr Clara Castellanos

Dr Maria Clara Castellanos
Marie Sklodwska-Curie Research Fellow

Prof Collett

Professor Tom Collett
Professor of Neurobiology

Prof Eyre-Walker

Professor Adam Eyre-Walker
Professor of Biology
Director of Admissions and Recruitment

Dr Fraser

Dr Bonnie Fraser
Lecturer in Biology

Prof Goulson

Professor Dave Goulson
Professor of Biology

Dr Graham

Dr Paul Graham
Reader (Evolution, Behaviour and Environment) 

Prof Hughes 

Professor Bill Hughes 
Professor of Evolutionary Biology

Prof Mathews

Professor Fiona Mathews
Professor of Environmental Biology

Prof Morrow

Professor Ted Morrow
Senior Research Fellow


Dr Niven

Dr Jeremy Niven
Senior Lecturer in Zoology

Pierre Nouvellet 

Dr Pierre Nouvellet
Reader (Evolution, Behaviour, Environment)

Prof Osorio

Professor Daniel Osorio
Professor of Neuroscience

Dr Peck

Dr Mika Peck
Senior Lecturer in Biology

Prof Ratnieks

Professor Francis Ratnieks
Professor of Apiculture

Dr Sandom

Dr Chris Sandom
Lecturer in Biology

Prof Scharlemann

Professor Jörn Scharlemann
Professor of Conservation Science

Prof Stewart

Professor Alan Stewart
Senior Lecturer in Ecology