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Study reveals why your brain makes you slip up when anxious

20 January 2016

Neuroscientists at the Sackler Centre and BSMS have identified the brain network system that causes us to stumble and stall when we least want to.

Sussex Research funds 11 new projects

18 January 2016

Sussex Research has made eleven awards in the fifth round of the Research Development Fund.

2015: A fantastic year for the SDDC

14 January 2016

The Sussex Drug Discovery Centre has secured several major external awards through 2015 and will be recruiting this year.

Scientists find inspiration from the sea to monitor wild animal hunting in African forests

8 January 2016

Researchers hoping to help stem the rate of hunting in West and Central Africa have developed two monitoring indicators.

Sussex research exposes secret cocktail of toxic pesticides in hedgerows and wildflowers

6 January 2016

Sussex scientists have discovered that bees are exposed to a chemical cocktail when feeding from wildflowers next to neonicotinoid-treated crops.

Sussex ecologist’s rainforest development work recognised by UN

10 December 2015

The work of Senior Lecturer in Ecology, Dr Alan Stewart, has this week been endorsed by the UN as part of the Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Appear in our online prospectus

8 December 2015

Our Web and Publications team are looking for willing volunteers to appear in the 2017 online prospectus.

What do you think of library and IT services?

1 December 2015

All staff and students are being asked what they think of library and IT services at Sussex in a new short survey launched this week.

Neonicotinoid pesticides linked to butterfly declines, shows Sussex research

24 November 2015

The use of neonicotinoid pesticides may be contributing to the decline of butterflies in the UK, according to new Sussex research.

Careers Fair 2015 is nearly upon us

28 October 2015

Next Wednesday (4 November) over 130 different organisations will be gracing the AMEX stadium for Careers Fair 2015.

Items 41 to 50 of 197

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