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Obituary: Dr Alison Jolly

13 February 2014

Dr Alison Jolly, lemur expert and a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at Sussex, died at home in Lewes last Thursday (6 February), aged 76.
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Global soil carbon: study highlights the need for better understanding and management

11 February 2014

A comprehensive overview highlights the importance of soil carbon conservation in mitigating global climate change.

Sussex biologist’s research helps protect rainforest monkey from illegal hunting

11 February 2014

Research by a Sussex biologist and environmental campaigners has helped to protect monkeys in the Peruvian rainforest from being illegally hunted.
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Sessions for first years to find out about work placements

11 February 2014

All first-year undergraduates can find out more undertaking a one-year work placement at a briefing session next week.

What strike action means for University business

4 February 2014

Strike action has been called nationally by the recognised trades unions at Sussex for Thursday (6 February).

Sussex fungicides may help fight ash dieback

29 January 2014

A new treatment developed at Sussex is emerging as a weapon in the fight to inhibit growth of a fungus that causes ash dieback.

Sussex creates new scholarships for high fliers

24 January 2014

The University of Sussex has created new, merit-based scholarships for students who get at least three A grades at A-level.

Revised webpage for University’s Research Centres

15 January 2014

A revised webpage showcasing the University’s Research Centres went live today.

Sussex sustains financial support for students despite government funding changes

20 December 2013

The University has confirmed it is not changing financial support to students, despite a reduction in national government funding for scholarships.

The Students' Union's review of 2013

19 December 2013

This round-up of how the Students' Union spent the year making student life better and some of the year's big events.

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