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Student satisfaction continues to rise at University of Sussex

10 August 2016

Student satisfaction has risen at the University of Sussex for the second year running, according to the results of the 2016 National Student Survey.

Largest ever study reveals globally protected areas benefit broad range of species

28 July 2016

Scientists show for the first-time how protection affects thousands of species.

Scientists to develop precision medicines which exploit DNA damage as treatments for cancer

25 July 2016

The University of Sussex to lead multi-million pound project to revolutionise cancer treatments

Designer protein gives new hope to scientists studying Alzheimer’s disease

22 July 2016

A new protein will be an essential laboratory tool for researchers working to understand the causes and role Abeta plays in Alzheimer’s disease.

Studying chemistry at Sussex inspires pursuit of an academic career

21 July 2016

Rob Ziolek, who graduates today before starting a PhD, was attracted by the Chemistry department’s supportive and friendly environment.

Scientists discover rare genetic defect which causes severe lung disease in children

18 July 2016

International group of scientists discover 'lung disease immunodeficiency chromosome breakage syndrome’.

Biodiversity levels fall below global ‘safe limit'

14 July 2016

Biodiversity levels have fallen below the environmental safe limits within which it’s deemed humans can safely live.

Council approves funding for next steps of transformation programme

13 July 2016

Next steps in the programme of work to modernise academic administration services for students have been approved by the University’s governing body.

Obituary: John Burns 1935-2016

12 July 2016

John Burns, Laboratory Superintendent/Manager of Technical Services for 29 years in the former School of Biological Sciences, died on 30 May.

EU information online for students and staff

29 June 2016

Information is now available online about the implications of the European Union referendum results for University of Sussex students and staff.

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