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Research finds praying mantids match their predatory strike to the speed of their prey

15 May 2020

Research has found when capturing their prey, praying mantids match the duration of their deadly predatory strike to the speed of their prey.

DNA database pioneer elected Royal Society Fellow

29 April 2020

An innovative Life Sciences professor has received the distinguished honour of being made a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Rising star researcher receives prestigious fellowship

23 April 2020

A researcher has been recognised as a future leader in her field with a prestigious national fellowship.

Having a PhD viva using Zoom

23 April 2020

Noora Nevala successfully defended her PhD via Zoom. If you have your viva coming up and aren’t sure what to expect, Noora has answered some questions

City Nature Challenge: how to reconnect with nature from home

22 April 2020

Organisers are urging people to continue to take part in the City Nature Challenge and find ways to connect with nature from their home.

Understanding links between environment and people is key to sustainable development

22 April 2020

A deeper understanding of the connections between the environment and people is crucial to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Road traffic noise causes bat activity to decrease by two thirds, as bats find it 'irritating'

16 April 2020

A study reveals the impact of traffic noise on bat activity, suggesting that negative effects could be felt considerable distances from the source.

Pablo Escobar's hippos might have helped to restore local ecological diversity

25 March 2020

Hippos brought into Colombia by Pablo Escobar could have helped to restore ecological diversity in the surrounding area, according to a new study.

Most beneficial places to plant new woodland revealed

19 March 2020

A Sussex Research Fellow has helped to identify the most beneficial places to plant 10,000 hectares of new woodland.

Common treatments used on cattle have devastating impacts on wildlife, new study reveals

18 March 2020

Experts have stressed an urgent need to find alternatives to wormers and anti-ectoparasitic products used widely on cattle, following new research.

Life Sciences to celebrate One World Sussex

12 March 2020

The School of Life Sciences is taking part in a campaign to promote cultural understanding and will celebrate the diversity of the School community.

Celebrating diversity in science through outreach

21 February 2020

The School of Life Sciences has launched a project to increase recognition of lesser-known scientists.

Gone with the wind - extreme weather poses threat to honey bees as wind reduces efficiency of foraging

19 February 2020

High wind speeds can significantly reduce the efficiency of a honey bee’s search for food, according to a new research paper published this week.

Life Sciences to host event to highlight LGBT+ scientists

17 February 2020

The School of Life Sciences is hosting an event to raise the visibility of LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender plus) scientists

Reflections on the Landscape Innovation Conference

14 February 2020

The University hosted a conference to generate positive discussions about land use, community involvement, climate change and biodiversity loss.

Rewilding can help mitigate climate change, researchers highlight after conducting global assessment

5 February 2020

A study shows that rewilding can help mitigate climate change and deliver a diverse range of benefits to the environment with varied regional impacts.

Life Sciences to host School founder centenary celebration

29 January 2020

The School of Life Sciences is hosting a special event to commemorate the work and life of John Maynard Smith on 13 May.

Hotspots for hedgehog road deaths revealed in new research co-authored by Sussex professor

28 January 2020

Experts suggest reducing road speeds could reduce deaths of one of Britain’s most threatened mammals.

Share your science by the sea: Soapbox Science returns to Brighton in May

10 January 2020

Inspire beachgoers with your research at the next Brighton Soapbox Science event on 30 May 2020.

Free period in the School of Life Sciences

19 December 2019

An initiative to provide free period products will be launched in the School of Life Sciences in January 2020.

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