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Sussex students and staff offer helping hand to hedgehogs on campus

20 October 2020

A team of students and staff are working together to make the University of Sussex campus hedgehog-friendly.

Careers support for international students: how we can help you

20 October 2020

The Careers and Employability Centre is offering three new focused careers sessions for international students.

Sussex joins consortium to create innovative Centre for Doctoral Training and help transform UK Food Systems

16 October 2020

The University of Sussex has joined a UKRI-funded consortium to help create future leaders to reshape how we make, transport and consume our food.

Tribute to Professor Dame Georgina Mace

24 September 2020

The Sussex Sustainability Research Programme is deeply saddened by the death of Professor Dame Georgina Mace, Sussex alumna and honorary doctorand.

Why biological studies on queer people do more harm than good

15 September 2020

When studying vulnerable groups, scientists should always be aware of the context their studies take place in.

Sustainable Development Goals essential for the UK Government’s pandemic recovery

14 September 2020

Sussex Sustainability Research Programme (SSRP) provides evidence to new All-Party Parliamentary Group report.

Call for contributions to Nature2020 lockdown journals project

14 September 2020

Nature2020 is currently collecting writings and artwork which reflect on connections to the local natural environment during COVID-19.

Ingenuity - Impact through enterprise

13 August 2020

Launching in September, Ingenuity is seeking students and alumni who are interested in setting up an impact-led business to invest over £400,000.

One quarter of native mammals now at risk of extinction in Britain

30 July 2020

Led by a Sussex professor, the first official Red List for British Mammals highlights species most at risk of national extinction in the near future.

Landmark case could give ‘Rights of Nature’ to endangered forests

16 July 2020

Sussex researcher to provide evidence in legal case that could set a world precedent by invoking the ‘Rights of Nature’ to protect forests in Ecuador.

Sussex student to host panel discussions on the experiences of BAME scientists

8 July 2020

A PhD student is hosting two online discussions to share the successes and challenges experienced by a panel of BAME scientists.

New report calls for ambitious pesticide reduction target

8 July 2020

A University of Sussex Professor leads a report for The Wildlife Trusts to show how people across society can take action to bring back insects.

Times have been tough for the most meat-loving carnivores, research finds

24 June 2020

Research has demonstrated that the ongoing human-driven mass extinction event has particularly affected the world’s most carnivorous mammals.

Rooting for the future: how the public can help to reflower our landscapes

18 June 2020

A Sussex researcher is seeking to understand how we can better manage the places we live and work to allow nature to thrive.

Behavioural and data scientist to speak about unconscious bias to the School of Life Sciences

18 June 2020

Freelance journalist and author Dr Pragya Agarwal is giving a Zoom talk on Thursday 25 June at 1pm.

Risk of return to exponential growth in Coronavirus cases if UK mobility not kept below half of pre-lockdown levels

9 June 2020

A new report warns of exponential growth in Coronavirus cases if UK population mobility is not kept below more than half of pre-lockdown figures.

Sussex student to increase visibility of BAME role models in science

8 June 2020

A PhD student aims to increase the visibility of role models in science for BAME students by building a community that extends beyond the School.

Research finds praying mantids match their predatory strike to the speed of their prey

15 May 2020

Research has found when capturing their prey, praying mantids match the duration of their deadly predatory strike to the speed of their prey.

DNA database pioneer elected Royal Society Fellow

29 April 2020

An innovative Life Sciences professor has received the distinguished honour of being made a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Rising star researcher receives prestigious fellowship

23 April 2020

A researcher has been recognised as a future leader in her field with a prestigious national fellowship.

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