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Sussex scientists promote pride in STEM

8 August 2019

A team of University of Sussex scientists brought family-friendly activities and games to this year’s Brighton Pride weekend from 3 to 4 August.

Killings of environmental defenders strongly linked to corruption and weak rule of law, according to new study

6 August 2019

New research paper finds that the number of recorded deaths of environmental defenders is now similar to those from war zones.

Britain's foremost expert on bumble bees highlights the risks they face in new podcast

5 August 2019

A Sussex biologist has revealed how his research into the impact of pesticides came about as a result of suggestions made by members of the public.

Director of SSRP applauds declaration of climate emergency and urges joint effort to protect climate

1 August 2019

Statement by the Director of Sussex Sustainability Research Programme, Professor Joseph Alcamo.

Diverse research showcased at first Life Sciences Postdoc Research Symposium

18 July 2019

From the navigation of wood ants to cancer therapeutics, a diverse array of research was shared at the first Life Sciences Postdoc Research Symposium.

Academics from Universities of Ghana and Sussex shape thinking on science for the Sustainable Development Goals

12 July 2019

Academics convened at an expert workshop in Accra on 25 June to discuss how science, research and academia can help achieve these important goals.

Report urges shift to small-scale farming post-Brexit to halt wildlife decline & produce sustainable food

11 July 2019

Allotments & small-scale farming after Brexit could provide abundant food & help solve the environmental crisis, according to new report.

Sussex scientists inspire local schoolchildren at Big Bang South East

5 July 2019

Over 600 budding scientists from across the South East region met with researchers from the School of Life Sciences at this year’s Big Bang fair.

Citizen scientists wanted to record sightings of mammals by waterways across the UK

5 July 2019

Members of the public are being asked to record sightings of mammals by waterways across the UK, in an effort to help future conservation efforts.

LGBT STEM Day meet-up and plans for Pride

1 July 2019

To celebrate LGBT STEM Day, the School of Life Sciences is arranging an afternoon meet-up.

SSRP workshop on research methods a success

14 June 2019

On 5 June, the SSRP hosted a workshop titled Research Methods for Sustainability: social science meets natural science, and something in-between.

New guidance on how to estimate the uncertainty that arises from sampling

11 June 2019

An international team of scientists have published guidance on how to estimate the uncertainty that arises from chemical sampling.

Soapbox Science sees Brighton beachgoers enjoy science in the sunshine

7 June 2019

Over 2,500 beachgoers took the time to learn about all things science on Saturday 1 June.

Citizen science campaign launched to help UK respond to threat of bacterium which can kill popular garden plants

28 May 2019

A Sussex lecturer has joined forces with the RHS and Forest Research to help the UK respond to the threat of Xylella fastidiosa.

Eight-year study sheds new light on genetic differences between the sexes

20 May 2019

Research has revealed specific genes that increase reproductive success in one sex, but reduce it in the other.

International research finds bedbugs evolved more than 100 million years ago - and walked the earth with T.Rex

17 May 2019

Research reveals the evolutionary history of bedbugs - some of the most unwanted human bedfellows.

Sussex field trip ends in launch of crowdfunding campaign to better equip wildlife rangers in Malawi

10 May 2019

Staff & students from the University of Sussex have launched a crowd-funding campaign to equip wildlife rangers with potentially lifesaving equipment.

Bringing science to the seaside: Soapbox Science returns to Brighton

25 April 2019

Twelve scientists will be entertaining beachgoers with interactive short talks on their research expertise at Soapbox Science Brighton.

Sussex Schools team up to support interest in STEM

16 April 2019

The Schools of Life Sciences and Engineering & Informatics will be sponsoring Big Bang South East 2019.

Researcher to collaborate with Indonesian fisher communities in bid to protect coral reefs

9 April 2019

A scientist at the University of Sussex has secured funding to pilot a new marine conservation strategy in Indonesia.

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