People and contacts

Chemistry Office

For all general enquiries, please contact the Chemistry department office:

Department of Chemistry 
Arundel Building 305 
School of Life Sciences
University of Sussex
Brighton, BN1 9QJ 01273 678125
01273 876687

Our staff:

Alaa Abdul-Sada

Dr Alaa Abdul-Sada
 Mass Spectrometry Academic Research Facility Manager

Mark Bagley

Professor Mark Bagley
Professor of Organic Chemistry


Professor Wendy Brown
Professor of Physical Chemistry
Subject Chair 

Dr Chen

Dr Qiao Chen
Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Prof Geoff Cloke

Professor Geoff Cloke
Professor of Chemistry

Kevin Clark

Mr Kevin Clark
Teaching Fellow

Brian Cox

Professor Brian Cox
Professor of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dr Cox

Professor Hazel Cox
Professor of Chemistry

Ian Crossley

Dr Ian Crossley
Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry

Iain Day

Dr Iain Day
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry and NMR Spectoscopy

Aidan Fisher

Dr Aidan Fisher

Barnaby Greenland

Dr Barnaby Greenland
Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry


George Kostakis

Dr George Kostakis
Senior Lecturer in Physical/Inorganic Chemistry


Dr Lam

Dr Matthew Lam
Lecturer in Pharmaceutics

Richard Layfield

Prof Richard Layfield
Professor of Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry)

Shane Lo Fan Hin

Dr Shane Lo Fan Hin
Teaching Fellow in Chemistry

Ali Nokhodchi

Prof Ali Nokhodchi
Professor of Pharmaceuticals and Drug Delivery

Mark Osbourne

Dr Mark Osborne
Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Cristina Pubill Ulldemolins

Dr Cristina Pubill Ulldemolins
 Lecturer in Synthetic Chemistry

John Spencer

Prof John Spencer
Professor of Bioorganic Chemistry

John Turner

Dr John Turner
Reader in Inorganic Physical Chemistry

Alfredo Vargas

Dr Alfredo Vargas
Senior Lecturer in Physical Chemistry

Eddy Viseux

Dr Eddy Viseux
Lecturer in Organic Chemistry 


Research Fellows: