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Life sciences research showcased at symposium

14 December 2018

From molecular magnets to the evolution of animal personalities, a diverse array of research was shared at the Life Sciences Research Symposium.

LabFact Welcomes New Chemistry Team Members in Sussex

13 December 2018

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Sussex has welcomed new PhD students to the LabFact programme.

Scientists discover first high-temperature single-molecule magnet

19 October 2018

A team of scientists led by Professor Richard Layfield has published breakthrough research regarding single molecule magnets.

Obituary: Jim Hanson (1937-2018)

12 October 2018

Chemistry professor Jim Hanson, who died suddenly on 13 September, made major contributions to the study of naturally occurring organic compounds.

Spotlight on Dr Raysa Khan

8 October 2018

Spotlight on Dr Raysa Khan, Research Fellow in Chemistry at the School of Life Sciences.

Sussex Chemist praised for research on molecular machines

14 September 2018

A Chemistry researcher has received high-profile recognition for two research papers on the creation of more robust molecular machines.

Pride in STEM: Sussex scientists celebrate Brighton Pride

15 August 2018

University scientists brought family-friendly activities to the UK’s biggest LGBT+ event on Saturday 4 August.

Sussex chemist celebrated by international society

19 July 2018

In recognition of his 65th birthday and his research career, the Royal Society of Chemistry have published a collection of Prof Geoff Cloke’s work.

Successful showcase celebrates work of LGBT+ scientists

10 July 2018

In recognition of LGBTSTEM day (5 July 2018), a special event was held on campus to celebrate the work done by LGBT+ scientists across the University.

Sussex celebrates first LGBTSTEM Day

28 June 2018

The first international LGBTSTEM Day will be celebrated on campus with an event to showcase the science that is done by LGBT+ scientists.

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