Biochemistry and Biomedicine

People and contacts

Alex Bousios

Dr Alexandros Bousios
Royal Society University Research Fellow

Dr Leandro Castellano

Dr Leandro Castellano
Reader in RNA Biology


Dr Neil Crickmore
Senior Lecturer in Molecular Genetics

Prof Giamas

Professor Georgios Giamas
Professor of Cancer Cell Signalling

Dr Hare

Dr Stephen Hare
Lecturer in Microbiology


Dr Jenna Macciochi
Lecturer in Immunology


Dr Erika Mancini
Reader in Biomedical Structural Biology

Prof Moore

Professor Tony Moore 
Professor of Biochemistry

Rhys Morgan

Dr Rhys Morgan 
Lecturer in Biomedical Science

Prof Morley

Professor Simon Morley 
Professor of Signal Transduction

Tracy Nissan

Dr Tracy Nissan
Lecturer in Molecular Biology

Haruko Okamoto

Dr Haruko Okamoto
Lecturer in Biochemistry

Mark Paget

Dr Mark Paget
Reader in Molecular Genetics

Dr Pearl

Dr Frances Pearl
Bioinformatics Research Manager

Zahid Pranjol

Dr Zahid Pranjol
Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences

Dr Chrisostomos Prodromou

Dr Chrisostomos Prodromou
Senior Lecturer


Dr Joanna Richardson
Lecturer in Biochemistry

Dr Roe

Dr Mark Roe
X-Ray Crystallography Collaborative Research Facility Manager

Dr Schellenberger

Dr Pascale Schellenberger
Electron Microscopy Academic Research Manager

Louise Serpell

Professor Louise Serpell
Professor of Biochemistry

Alison Sinclair

Professor Alison Sinclair
Professor of Molecular Virology

Dr Lorraine Smith

Dr Lorraine Smith
Senior Lecturer


Michelle West

Professor Michelle West
Professor of Tumour Virology

               Edward Wright

Dr Eward Wright
Senior Lecturer in Microbiology