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Sussex Neuroscientist recognised as rising star of research by Leverhulme Awards

19 October 2017

A researcher at the School of Life Sciences has been awarded a highly prestigious Philip Leverhulme Prize.

Three-quarters of insect population have been lost in nature reserves over three decades

18 October 2017

The loss of bees, butterflies and other flying insects from within protected nature reserves has been even more severe than previously feared.

Rainforest preserving chocolate is no guilty pleasure

18 October 2017

Washu Chocolate, a joint venture involving The University of Sussex Choco Project, spread the message of guilt-free chocolate at The Chocolate Show.

Create a hoverfly lagoon in your school garden to support pollinators

12 October 2017

Researchers are looking for primary schools to take part in a new citizen science project, aiming to create habitats that allow hoverflies to thrive.

Sussex student wins science communication award

6 October 2017

Mahmoud Bukar Maina, a Neuroscience PhD student, has won a prestigious science communication award for his outreach work in Africa.

Sussex staff recognised for their green impact

5 October 2017

Green Impact Awards have been presented to eight Sussex teams for improvements made to their environmental performance.

Beware of malicious emails

5 October 2017

Be suspicious of any emails which are about money, and take care before clicking on links or opening attachments.

Online careers fair for women in STEM

5 October 2017

The Finding Ada Online Careers Fair is an online jobs fair for women in STEM who are looking for their first graduate job. Held on 16 November, the...

A female Nobel winner: the enduring inspiration of that rarest of scientists

4 October 2017

Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard's Nobel win instilled in Erika Mancini the belief that when it comes to science, no question is too bold.

Project involving Sussex chemists receives multi-millions in funding

2 October 2017

A project that will increase competitiveness of local SMEs in the chemical industry is set to receive 3.9 million euros (£3.4 million) in funding.

Items 1 to 10 of 274

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