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What do you think of library and IT services?

1 December 2015

All staff and students are being asked what they think of library and IT services at Sussex in a new short survey launched this week.
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Say thank you to staff: Nominations for Student-Led Teaching Awards open today

30 November 2015

The Student-Led Teaching Awards are your opportunity to thank staff who have made a difference to your experience of teaching and learning.

Encourage students to recognise and reward staff

27 November 2015

If you are involved in teaching, or support teaching and learning, please encourage students to nominate staff in the Student-Led Teaching Awards.

Neonicotinoid pesticides linked to butterfly declines, shows Sussex research

24 November 2015

The use of neonicotinoid pesticides may be contributing to the decline of butterflies in the UK, according to new Sussex research.

One World Week 2016 - call for event proposals

6 November 2015

International Student Support and the Students' Union are organising the third annual One World Week.

Careers Fair 2015 is nearly upon us

28 October 2015

Next Wednesday (4 November) over 130 different organisations will be gracing the AMEX stadium for Careers Fair 2015.

New biomedical sciences building will inspire a new generation of scientists

27 October 2015

Following approval in July for the campus masterplan, architects are working up potential designs for a new building for the School of Life Sciences.

Researchers uncover a novel link between genetics and movement control

22 October 2015

A small molecule in cells, previously believed to have no impact on animal behaviour, could in fact be responsible for controlling precise movements.

Tiny mitochondria play mighty role in fertility and ageing

21 October 2015

Mutations within the DNA of mitochondria – the tiny structures that power cells – have significant effects on fertility and life expectancy.

Plants trick bees with caffeine-laced nectar

15 October 2015

Plants may be tricking bees into repeatedly visiting their flowers by exploiting their craving for caffeine, a new Sussex-led study has found.

Items 1 to 10 of 170

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