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Having a PhD viva using Zoom

23 April 2020

Noora Nevala successfully defended her PhD via Zoom. If you have your viva coming up and aren’t sure what to expect, Noora has answered some questions

Local NHS supported as Sussex students and staff respond to call for help

27 March 2020

A team of staff and students have responded to a call for help to alleviate local NHS pressures during the covid-19 pandemic.

Book by expert immunologist offers clear and educated advice during time of misinformation and worry

19 March 2020

A new book by a Sussex lecturer offers simple, clear and informed advice on what it takes to protect our immune system.

Life Sciences to celebrate One World Sussex

12 March 2020

The School of Life Sciences is taking part in a campaign to promote cultural understanding and will celebrate the diversity of the School community.

Possible breast cancer treatment could go to clinical trial immediately as scientists spot target in 'normal' cells

11 March 2020

A study led by Sussex scientists has proposed a new treatment strategy for patients with triple negative breast cancer, a rare but aggressive subtype.

Celebrating diversity in science through outreach

21 February 2020

The School of Life Sciences has launched a project to increase recognition of lesser-known scientists.

Scientists to showcase dementia research at free public event

19 February 2020

Researchers are hosting a free event in order to share their dementia research with members of the public on 10 March 2020.

Life Sciences to host event to highlight LGBT+ scientists

17 February 2020

The School of Life Sciences is hosting an event to raise the visibility of LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender plus) scientists

PhD Spotlight: Fiona Scott

31 January 2020

I’ve been working in the chemistry labs of the Sussex Drug Discovery Centre (SDDC) making and optimising drug-like molecules, called chemical tools

Life Sciences to host School founder centenary celebration

29 January 2020

The School of Life Sciences is hosting a special event to commemorate the work and life of John Maynard Smith on 13 May.

Share your science by the sea: Soapbox Science returns to Brighton in May

10 January 2020

Inspire beachgoers with your research at the next Brighton Soapbox Science event on 30 May 2020.

PhD Spotlight: Daniel Akinbosede

19 December 2019

My research is broadly about understanding and fighting antibiotic resistance in two historically important pathogens

Free period in the School of Life Sciences

19 December 2019

An initiative to provide free period products will be launched in the School of Life Sciences in January 2020.

Life Sciences research and engagement activities showcased at symposium

18 December 2019

A diverse array of research was shared at the 2019 Life Sciences Research Symposium.

Winners of the Kroto Award for Public Engagement announced at symposium

17 December 2019

The joint recipients of the first Kroto Award for Public Engagement were announced at the Life Sciences Research Symposium on 10 December.

The BAME attainment gap is not the fault of BAME students

17 December 2019

Asking BAME students to spend time helping universities decolonise the curriculum is far from the ideal solution, says Daniel Akinbosede

PhD Spotlight: Graeme Benstead-Hume

27 November 2019

PhD in Bioinformatics At its core, my work revolves around using statistical methods and machine learning to find patterns in biological data...

New RNA Biology research group launches

22 November 2019

A new collaborative research group has been set up to understand the ways that RNA-based regulation can be manipulated to control gene expression.

PhD Spotlight: Alicia Rosell Hidalgo

31 October 2019

PhD in Biochemistry My research involves studying the effects of pharmaceutical drugs and fungicides on mitochondrial function. Mitochondria play a...

Wikipedia Edit-a-thon to raise the visibility of Black British people in STEM

22 October 2019

An upcoming workshop will showcase notable Black British professionals in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM).

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