Verona's current research is in the area of legal education and practice.

Verona is working on three projects in 2019 including an exploration of the role of the visual in legal education, confidence in today’s law student, and finally, an empirical based project critically examining 'who is not in the room?'. This final project will examine who takes up the opportunities to do extra-curricular legal activities and who does not, and why not?

In addition to her current research projects in legal education and pedagogy, Verona has explored the relationship between law and language. Verona has published on the language rights debate in Northern Ireland in Public Law and on the ongoing 'Antipathy and paradox in the Irish State's relationship with the Irish language' in the Irish Jurist. This work built on her PhD studies exploring the gaps between the normative justifications advanced for language rights and language legislation and the effective realisation of those rights and legislative provisions in practice.