Mr Yinan Bao

Post:Research Student (Law)
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Yinan Bao had studied public international law in the University of Leicester from October 2009 to September 2010 and he was conferred the degree of LLM in Public International Law (with merit). He has been doing his DPhil studies in Law in the School of Law, Politics and Sociology in the University of Sussex since October 2010. He is supervised by Professor Craig Barker

Bao's major research interest is in diplomatic law, especially on the issues related to the theory and practice of the principle of diplomatic inviolability. His proposed thesis title is 'A Critical Analysis of the Principle of Diplomatic Inviolability'.


Yinan Bao, 'On the Historical Evolution of the Principle of Diplomatic Inviolability' in Zexian Chen (ed), Chinese International Law Review (vol.7), Social Sciences Academic Press (China), 2012, pp.21-48.

Yinan Bao, 'The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law', (2013) 1 (1) IALS Student Law Review 71.

Yinan Bao, 'Reflections on the Establishment of the Chinese Air Identification Zone' (2014) 1 (2) IALS Student Law Review 4.


Research Student


BA in English Language and Literature (China Youth University for Political Sciences, 2009)

LLM in Public International Law (University of Leicester, 2010)