Criminal Justice Law Clinic

The Criminal Justice Law Clinic operates a Criminal Cases Review Group in which students are able to review criminal case files (under the supervision of a qualified and experienced criminal defence lawyer) to ascertain whether any grounds for appeal might exist.

They are also able to provide initial advice in criminal proceedings to anyone who comes into contact with the criminal justice process, and work in collaboration with the Prisoners’ Advice Service to provide written advice to prisoners who are facing problems in custody.

The Clinic aims to provide a public service to people who seek legal advice on crime and criminal justice-related issues. At the same time, the Clinic aims to provide opportunities for students at the University of Sussex to develop and improve their practical legal skills.

Areas on which we offer advice

  • criminal offences
  • appeals against conviction and/or sentence
  • prisoner rights

Contact us

In order to arrange an appointment:


The service is open to the general public including University of Sussex staff and students. If you are a current University of Sussex student in need of advice, contact the Student Life Centre, who will refer you to the Law Clinic if appropriate. The Clinic will not be able to advise clients where their issue raises a conflict of interest.

The Law Clinics are dependent on the services of student advisers from the Law School and therefore run only during term time. When the Law Clinics are closed during the vacation periods, you may want to consider seeking specialist advice from a solicitor regarding your matter or alternatively contact your local Citizens Advice.

In-House Solicitor, Lucy Welsh

The Criminal Justice Law Clinic is supervised by Dr Lucy Welsh, who has a number of years’ experience working as a criminal defence solicitor in South East England. Lucy has achieved specialist Law Society Accreditation in criminal law issues, and accreditation by the Institute of Prison Law.