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Language Ambassadors

Language Ambassadors help to organise a variety of activities at Sussex such as language buddy/café activities, visits to local schools, and international week events.

The aims and benefits to Language Ambassador activities are multiple. They:

  • Foster intercultural communication
  • Increase interaction between home/international students
  • Promote languages/skills
  • Promote work and study abroad
  • Help widen participation
  • Contribute towards your personal development
  • Enhance employability prospects

A few activities are paid (up to £9 per hour), some are rewarded with a gift voucher, some are voluntary.

If you are interested in becoming a Language Ambassador then please register your interest and apply using the online form. This is the first stage of recruitment and a further selection process will take place. 

Please address further questions to:

Previous activities

During 2013/14 SCLS coordinated a number of activities involving Language Ambassadors.
These fell broadly into three categories:

  1. On-campus activities for students
  2. Schools Liaison activities with local schools
  3. ‘Routes into Languages’ activities on and off-campus

and included:

  • Language Café
  • Language Buddying
  • One World Week events (Week 7, March)
    • International Language Café evening: “Polyglot café”
    • Language Tasters
    • Working Internationally: Employer Panel Presentation
    • BSL / Sign Language World
    • A Theatrical Play: Henrik’s Feast
    • Broadcasting in a Foreign Language
    • Call My Bluff in Spanish
    • Foreign Language Film screenings

  • Campus tours and talks for prospective students
  • Open Day help
  • Local School Visits
  • Volunteering in a local school

  • Routes into Languages activities
    • Spelling Bee for Year 7s (at University of Brighton)
    • Advertising & Marketing day in FL for Year 9-10s
    • Radio broadcasting workshop for VIth formers
    • An introduction to Spanish at University for VIth formers


Routes into Languages logo

There will be an opportunity to apply for national Routes into Languages Ambassador training after the beginning of the autumn term. The training takes place in London on a Saturday in mid-November.

There are only 10 places for the whole South region but in 2013/14 Sussex sent 7 students!


Become an Ambassador!

Information about the role and activities

If you are interested in being a Language Ambassador, please register your interest using this online form.

Language Café

Visit the Students' Union website to find out more about Language Café Leader and Volunteer roles.