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Updating students on their education and the University’s no-detriment policy

Professor Kelly Coate, Pro Vice Chancellor for Education and Students

In emails to all Undergraduate and Post Graduate Taught students today (23 April 2020), Pro Vice-Chancellor for Education and Students Kelly Coate outlined more detail on assessment changes and the University’s no-detriment policy.  

The no-detriment policy, sometimes referred to as a ‘safety net’, will ensure that a student’s overall year average will not be lower than the average mark they achieved in Semester 1.  

Professor Coate reminded students about why this policy has been introduced: “We are implementing a no-detriment policy because we recognise there has been a very significant change for students due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst this has meant teaching for everyone has moved online, many of you moved to new locations and some of you will have limited access to technology and bandwidth. Everyone’s experience is different and we want to be as fair as possible, whilst upholding the value of your education. 

“As I’ve mentioned in previous emails, my colleagues at Sussex, your tutors and lecturers have been doing all they can, to support you in achieving learning outcomes. We want your education and your future progression through University and beyond to not be stalled and held back by this devastating disease, and we also want you to progress with the learning you need and deserve. 
Of course we can’t completely alleviate the impact that Covid-19 may have on your time at Sussex (as much as we would like to), but we can, and will, do everything to make sure any impact is as minimal as practically possible.” 

There is a detailed list of common questions on assessment changes and the no-detriment policy and how it will work on the Student Hub. We will be adding to this list over the coming weeks including more information on extenuating circumstances. Staff can view information and answers to common questions on these pages.      

The emails also signposted students towards advice and support on funding during this time. You can read the latest update about financial support for students for further information. 

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Last updated: Thursday, 23 April 2020

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