Department of International Relations

Dr Edison Bicudo

Post:Research Fellow in Sociology of Biomdical Technology (International Relations)
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With Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil), Master's Degree in Geography (University of Sao Paulo) and PhD in International Politics (King's College London, UK), I have developed studies on the relation between biomedical technologies and the configuration of space and society. My studies have focused on themes such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, neurosciences, and bionformatics.

I have acted as researcher at the Centre for Studies on Contemporary Culture (Cedec, Sao Paulo) and as advisor to the Brazilian Ministry of Health, the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Brazil), and the Pan-American Health Organization.

In 2014 I released "Pharmaceutical research, democracy and conspiracy" (Routledge) and in 2019 I'm releasing "Neuroimaging, software, and communication" (Palgrave Mcmillan).


I am a Research Fellow at the School of Global studies. I have joined the BioGov ("Biomodifying technologies: governing converging research in the life sciences") project, under the supervision of Professor Alex Faulkner and Dr Phoebe Li. The project aims at exploring the social and legal dimensions of three biomedical technologies (genome modification, 3D bioprinting, and induced pluripotent stem cells), in order to understand what governance models could be put in practice to deal with the manifold challenges brought about by those emerging technologies.

In this project, I have a range of responsibilities, including data collection, conduct of interviews, data processing, literature review, participation in the preparation of publications, and others.