Department of International Relations

Miss Mareike Beck

Post:Research Associate (International Relations)
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Postdoctoral Researcher and School Tutor, Department of International Relations and Centre for Global Political Economy


Additional Publications:

Beck, M. and Knafo, S. (2020). Financialisation and the Uses of History. In P. Mader, D. Mertens & N. Van der Zwan (Eds.), Handbook of Financialisation. Routledge International Handbook Series

Interview with Costas Lapavitsas, Author of 'Profiting Without Producing: How Finance Exploits Us All'; with Craig Gent, Studies in Social & Political Thought, special issue on Debt and Obligation, pp. 3-13, vol. 23, summer, Online access here.

Beck, M., Clemens, J. and Morvan, S. (eds) (2014) What Transition for Sussex? An ESD project: Can the University of Sussex become a Transition University? Online access here


Conference Presentations:

Conference paper: 'Beyond the Global vs. Local: Bertelsmann and the Making of German Neoliberalism. Co-authored with Julian Germann. Presented at: The Political Economy of Inequalities and Instabilities in the 21st Centrury. IIPPE and CPERN Annual Conference, Berlin, Germany 2017

Conference paper: 'Financialising Development: the Case of German Banks'. Presented at: Social Finance, Impact Investing and the Financialisation of Public Interest. University of Hamburg, Germany 2017

Conference paper: 'Finance and Development: Rethinking the Macro of Micro-finance'. Presented at: Aberystwyth-LSE-Sussex PhD Colloquium. University of Sussex, Brighton, UK 2016

Conference paper: 'Tracing the Debt Trail of Microfinance'. Presented at: Debt Trails: Mapping Relations of Debt and Credit from Everyday Actors to Global Credit Markets. ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary

Conference paper: 'Financialising Microfinance: from local MFIs to Global Investment Banks'. Presented at: Cornell-Sussex PhD Symposium. University of Sussex, Brighton, UK 2016

Conference paper: 'Microfinance: the turn of German banks towards ethical finance'. Presented at: ‘Doing Well By Doing Good’? Investigating the Ethical Turn in Finance. University of Leicester and De Montford University, Leicester, UK 2015

Conference paper: 'Financialisation of poverty: Microfinance and the role of private banks in development'. Presented at: New Directions in International Political Economy. University of Warrwick, Coventry, UK 2015

Conference paper: 'Making Markets, Making Nature - Biodiversity Offsets in the UK'. Presented at: Financialisation of Nature - Theory, Politics and Practice. University of Sussex, Brighton, UK 2015

Conference paper: 'Neoliberal Natures? Biodiversity Banking in Malaysia and the UK'. Co-authored with Andrea Brock. Presented at: Global IR and regional Worlds, ISA's 56th Annual Convention. New Orleans, USA 2015.

Conference paper: 'Degrowth and re-organisation of work - a feminist perspective'. Co-authored with Andrea Pürckhauer. Presented at: Degrowth Conference 2014. Leipzig, Germany 2014.


Conferece Organisation:

Co-organisation of workshop: Precarious Economy: Informality and Entrepreneurship at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Part of the ESRC seminar series: Doing Good by Doing Well: Capitalism, Humanitarianism and International Development, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK 2016

Co-organisation of conference: Financialisation of Nature - Theory, Politics and Practice. University of Sussex, Brighton, UK 2015

Co-organisation of postgraduate conferece: Critical Knowledge for Society, Transcending disciplinary boundaries. University of Sussex, Brighton, UK 2014