Photo of Anna Stavrianakis

Anna Stavrianakis
Professor of International Relations
Key areas:Global civil society, NGOs in world politics, the arms trade, military globalisation
T: +44 (0)1273 877835


Anna's main areas of research are the international arms trade, UK arms export policy, arms transfer control, and militarism, war and security in North-South perspective. 

Her work on militarism has appeared in a 2018 special issue of Security Dialogue, which she co-edited with Maria Stern of the University of Gothenburg. This special issue showcases some of the best research on the relationship between militarism and security in response to three questions: 1) What work do militarism and security do? Methodologically, how can they be mobilized? 2) What are the possibilities of fruitful exchange between bodies of knowledge produced about these specific concepts or practices? 3) What are the limits of each concept or practice? What practices would not constitute security or militarism, or when are militarism or security the wrong concepts for productive analysis? In 2012 she co-edited a volume with Jan Selby on Militarism and International Relations. Political Economy, Security, Theory, which sought to re-establish a research agenda on militarism in the discipline of IR. And she has examined the effects of a postcolonial militarised world on the prospects for controls on weapons circulation in articles in Review of International Studies and Third World Quarterly. 

Anna's work on UK arms export policy has focused in recent years on arms exports to Saudi Arabia in the war in Yemen. She has published articles in public- and policy-facing journals such as Political Quarterly and Global Policy, and has given evidence to MPs on the parliamentary Committees on Arms Export Controls to help them better hold the government to account.  


Anna's work is informed by postcolonial approaches that put the North-South dimensions of war and security front and centre. Her first book, Taking Aim at the Arms Trade: NGOS, Global Civil Society and the World Military Order, was an analysis of the goals, strategies and effects of NGO campaigning on the arms trade. 

She welcomes applications for PhD supervision in areas related to the arms trade, arms control, militarism, militarisation, and war and security in North-South persective. 

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