Department of International Relations

Mr Tom Martin

Post:Lecturer in International Security (International Relations)
Other posts:Associate Tutor (International Relations)
Location:ARTS B B355
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Lecturer in International Relations


Public Engagement

Speaker at Sussex Salon, 'Prevent: A Toxic Brand?', Brighton, 11th October, 2017.

Conference Presentations

'Identifying Potential Terrorists: Visuality, Security and the Channel Project'. Paper presented at the 11th Pan-European Conference on International Relations: The Politics of International Studies in an Age of Crises, Barcelona, Spain, 13th-16th September, 2017.

'The Diagram of Counter-Radicalisation within UK Security Policy'. Paper presented at the Critical Terrorism Studies Working Group Annual Conference: From Counter-Terrorism to Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism? The Global Governance of Political Violence, Newcastle, 4th-5th September, 2017.

'Prevent, Extremism and 'British Values': The Politics of Identity in British Counter-Radicalisation 2001-2015'. Paper presented at the PSA 66th Annual International Conference, Politics and the Good Life, 21st-23rd March, 2016.

'Prevent as a Power of Care'. Paper presented at the first workshop of the Prevent on Campus Information Network, Reading, 26th February, 2016.

'Preventing Radicalisation: The Precautionary Logic of the UK's Channel Project'. Paper presented at the 9th Pan-European Conference on International Relations: The Worlds of Violence, Giardini Naxos, Sicily, 23rd-26th September, 2015

Convened the panel 'Governing Dangerous Futures: Rethinking the Generation of Security Knowledges' and presented the paper 'Securing an Unknowable Future: The Radical Epistemology of Britain's Prevent Policy' at the International Studies Association Annual Convention, Global IR and Regional Worlds: A New Agenda for International Studies, New Orleans, USA, 18th-21st February, 2015.

'The UK's Prevent Policy'. Paper presented at: Critical Knowledge for Society: Transcending Disciplinary Boundaries, Brighton, 31st October, 2014.

'Governing an Unknowable Future: The UK’s Prevent Policy'. Paper presented at: Global Insecurities International Conference 2014, Bristol, 21st-22nd November, 2014.

'Pre-emptive Policing and Depoliticisation: Making Sense of Domestic Extremism, Counter-Radicalisation and Digital Surveillance'. Paper presented at the Critical Terrorism Studies Working Group Annual Conference, Neoliberalism and/as Terror: Technologies, Politics and Vernacular Perspectives, Nottingham, 15th-16th September, 2014.

'Governing an Unknowable Future: The Politics of Britain’s Prevent Policy'. Paper presented at the Critical Terrorism Studies Working Group Annual Conference, Critical Terrorism Studies: Practice, Limits and Experience, Loughborough, 9th-10th September, 2013.

'Challenging the Separation of Counter-Terrorism and Community Cohesion in Prevent: Threat and ‘Extreme’ Difference in the Construction of the ‘Radicalised’ Subject'. Paper presented at BISA Annual Conference, Beyond the Ivory Tower: IR and the Real World, Brindley Place, Birmingham, 20th-21st June, 2013.

'Preventing Extremism? Governmentality, Premediation and Ever-Potential Future Threats within British Counter-Terrorism Policy Post-9/11'. Paper presented at: Aber-LSE-Sussex Colloquium in International Political Theory, LSE, 13th June, 2013.

'The 'Radicalised' Subject of Prevent: Challenging Separatist Constructions of Counter-Radicalisation and Community Cohesion'. Paper presented at the Critical Terrorism Studies Working Group Annual Conference, Prevent and Counter-Radicalisation in 2012: Challenges and Ways Forward, Kings College, 6th September, 2012.



Post-Graduate Research Student Representative 2015.

Co-convened the Global Studies DPhil Lecture Series 2012-2015.