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Stay safe online

10 August 2018

Cyber criminals are targeting universities. Stay safe with these tips from IT Services.

Writer and human rights campaigner Marina Mahathir to receive honorary degree

23 July 2018

One of Malaysia’s foremost activists will become an honorary Doctor of the University today.

South African Sussex alumni at the heart of innovation and development

17 July 2018

South African alumni discuss innovation and regional development at alumni meet up in Johannesburg.

Sussex brings international stakeholders together in support of freedom of religion or belief

16 July 2018

Academics from the University of Sussex held a recent event in Parliament to discuss the importance of supporting freedom of religion or belief.

“Regulatory barriers likely to be contentious and most significant obstacles to UK-US trade”

12 July 2018

UKTPO's latest research explores public support for, the benefits of and the key obstacles to a UK-US trade agreement.

Sussex participates in discussions between UK and Tunisian government representatives

9 July 2018

UK universities visited Tunisia for visits, discussions on bilateral collaboration and the launch of the UK-Tunisia Higher Education Commission.

2018 Sussex International Theory Prize

25 June 2018

We are very pleased to announce CAIT's 2018 Sussex International Theory Prize Winner. The CAIT Prize Committee decided after a stimulating...

New CGPE working paper from Lara Montesinos Coleman

31 May 2018

Global Social Fascism: Violence, Law and Twenty-First Century Plunder Lara Montesinos ColemanWorking Paper No. 15  May 2018 The...

Come and get involved with the Language Cafe next year

23 May 2018

Language Cafe is a great way of making friends and building skills.

#EmptyPlateSussex has launched to try and reduce plate waste in SussexFood outlets

16 May 2018

SussexFood and charity Hubbub are working together to try and reduce customer plate waste using #EmptyPlateSussex.

Items 1 to 10 of 99

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