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These pages highlight some of the activities and outstanding achievements of students and staff in Informatics. For the latest developments and updates, please see our News and events page and blog 'created by US'.

Watch the video of the Informatics 2016 poster exhibition, listen as some of the students talk you through their project

Informatics 2015/16 news stories

Below are some of the highlights, events, awards and activities this year; click to read the full story:

  1. Could Universtiy of Sussex based HCI research bring back Elvis? 
  2. How Professor Thomas Nowotny is tapping nature's wealth of well tested designs
  3. Dr Jeremy Reffin discusses whether artificial intelligence can help in tackling online abuse
  4. New Creative Technologies and Design Foundation to launch this year
  5. Computer science graduate is Google's newest recruit
  6. Humans perceive time in between reality and expectations
  7. Professor John Carroll explains why computers will never be 'like' humans
  8. Professor Maggie Boden reviews the philosophical and technological challenges raised by AI
  9. This is '9D' television
  10. Sussex research brings 'smart hands' closer to reality
  11. Professor Anil Seth to speak about consciousness at the Royal Institution
  12. Anil Seth is the brains behind a neuroscience book for kids
  13. Welcome to the future: TV you can touch, taste and smell
  14. Palm skin could be turned into a touchscreen
  15. Anil Seth talks about AI on BBC Newsnight
  16. Judith Good - my parents passed on their intellectual curiosity
  17. Neural modelling: Abstractions of the mind
  18. The future of TV? How feely-vision could tickle all our senses
  19. Anil Seth explores what neuroscience can - and can't - tell us about consciousness
  20. The Sackler Centre and BSMS share results of a study which reveals why your brain makes you slip up when you are anxious
  21. Professor Thomas Nowotny explains that Google and Facebook's artificial intelligence programmes use special processors originally designed for running video games
  22. Professor Ann Light argues that companies are taking advantage of the concept of a 'sharing economy' for their own financial gain
  23. Dr Charlotte Rae (Sackler Centre) writes about new insights into why some people hallucinate
  24. Leading theory of consciousness rocked by oddball study
  25. World's first tractor beam invented by a team of researchers from Sussex and beyond
  26. Professor Anil Seth comments on an "impressive" computer reconstruction of a rat's brain
  27. Dr Judith Good is part of the team who developed a new app which will help people with Autism influence tech developments
  28. Dr Ron Chrisley comments on a new US study to try to come up with a measure of consciousness
  29. Third year Computer Science student produces winning work with an online teaching tool
  30. Dr Diego Martinez Plasencia, Lecturer in Interactive Graphics in Informatics, runs session at Brighton Digital Festival
Informatics 2014/15 news stories

Below are some of the highlights, events, awards and activities for the year; click to read the full story:

  1. Informatics student, Stefanos Karapatakis, finds children have better manners than robots
  2. Dr Marianna Obrist and her team bring the art of touch to the Tate
  3. Sussex researchers to 'programme a human' at live coding conference
  4. Sussex neuroscientist Prof Anil Seth reveals his ‘life scientific’ delusions for BBC Radio 4
  5. Ultrahaptics technology can transfer human emotions to your palm through air - Dr Marianna Obrist
  6. Informatics mobile network spin-out company wins Sports 2015 Technology award 'Best use of technology, by a venue, arena or stadium.'
  7. Informatics team develop app that analysises tweets
  8. Neuroscience researchers from Sackler Centre for Consciousness Sciene showcase their work at London’s Science Museum
  9. Government minister visits Sussex Innovation Centre to learn about the digital sector
  10. Researcher to present ‘girls better at programming’ findings at major IT conference
  11. Student Informatics student entrepreneurs win £2,000 bursaries for health, political and tech ideas
  12. Sussex academics to explore bees, brains and bubbles at Brighton Science Festival
  13. Feeling cold is contagious, scientists find
  14. Sussex neuroscientist to edit new OUP journal
  15. Neuroscientist’s book of illusions wins children’s science prize
  16. Sussex AI expert recalls her ‘light bulb moment’ for Radio 4
  17. How the fruit fly could help us sniff out drugs and bombs
  18. Brain scans reveal ‘grey matter’ differences in media multitaskers
  19. Signal-boosting stadium app shortlisted for national award
Informatics 2013/14 news stories

Below are some of the highlights, events, awards and activities for the year; click to read the full story:

  1. Computer Science student cracked smartphone ransomware in his final year
  2. Rediscovered Tudor play brought back to life by Sussex students and MTL
  3. Neuroscientists join major European project to develop artificial brain systems
  4. Quick thinking: New book explains the brain in 30-second chunks
  5. Funding boost to help make promising technology a business reality
  6. Heart in your hand? Neuroscientists discover a new illusion of consciousness

Student and staff achievements

Several Informatics students and staff have received prizes and awards, and have been selected for prestigious external appointments.

Outreach events and initiatives

Members of Informatics contribute in several ways to science, art and educational events and initiatives in the wider community.

Prize-winning student projects

Each year the Department awards prizes to the best final-year undergraduate projects, each containing work of outstanding merit. In addition, the School of Engineering and Informatics awards prizes for the best MSc and PhD posters at its annual poster presentation event.

Interdisciplinary research

Read profiles and personal perspectives of selected interdisciplinary research in Informatics, featuring collaborations with neuroscientists, psychiatrists, media practitioners, and epidemiologists.

Sussex Conversations

Go behind the scenes of Sussex Conversations with the Media Technology Lab.

Teaching awards

Professor John Carroll received a University Student-Led Teaching Award 2015/16, for 'Outstanding or Innovative Undergraduate Teaching'. In the student nomination, he was described as "an inspiring lecturer who is able to motivate students on everything he teaches", "is able to give real-life experience in these subjects", and "has knowledge and passion for what he does".