Informatics — the study of the storage, transformation and communication of information — has an enormous impact on our daily lives. It contributes to and draws on ideas from many other subject areas. Informatics at Sussex is at the cutting edge of this activity and maintains a traditionally strong interdisciplinary focus.

Informatics 2016/17 review - open the drop-down to reveal news stories

Below are some of the highlights, events, awards and activities this year; click to read the full story:

  1. Shape-shifting fog screen invented at Sussex 
  2. First evidence for higher state of consciousness discovered...
  3. New game from Sussex alumni charts at UK number one 
  4. Celebrating International Women's Day 2017 with a focus on Dr Kate Howland...
  5. Professor Anil Seth talks AI for the Guardian
  6. Dr Niko Munzenrieder comments on transistor stretchier than skin for wearable tech
  7. Professor Anil Seth explains that one of the most difficult aspects of studying consciousness is the difficulty in defining the term.
  8. Informatics computer games graduate launches social commerce app
  9. Dr Blay Whitby explains that although industrial robots have in the past caused the deaths of humans, "these robots are not yet at a level where their decision-making allows us to treat them as blameworthy
  10. Have the 14 different components of creativity been found?
  11. Mid-air 'floating pixels' are revealed
  12. Sussex Informatics consciousness expert awarded 'Wellcome Engagement Fellowship'

Previous academic year highlights can be found on the Informatics Showcase page


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