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Ceremony 1 – Monday 23 July 2018, 1.30pm

  • Global Studies
  • IDS

Ceremony 2 – Monday 23 July 2018, 4.30pm

  • History, Art History and Philosophy
  • Roffey Park

Ceremony 3 – Tuesday 24 July 2018, 10am

  • Life Sciences

Ceremony 4 – Tuesday 24 July 2018, 1.30pm

  • Engineering and Informatics

Ceremony 5 – Tuesday 24 July 2018, 4.30pm

  • Psychology

Ceremony 6 – Wednesday 25 July 2018, 10am

  • Law, Politics and Sociology
    • Department of Law

Ceremony 7 – Wednesday 25 July 2018, 1.30pm

  • Law, Politics and Sociology
    • Department of Politics 
    • Department of Sociology
  • Mathematics and Physical Sciences

Ceremony 8 – Thursday 26 July 2018, 10am

  • Business, Management and Economics
    • Accounting and Finance 
    • Banking and Finance 
    • Finance 
    • Finance and Business
    • International Accounting and Corporate Governance
    • International Business 
    • International Management
    • Management and Finance 

Ceremony 9 – Thursday 26 July 2018, 1.30pm

  • Business, Management and Economics
    • Business and Management Studies
    • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
    • Global Supply Chain and Logistical Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • International Marketing 
    • Management 
    • Marketing and Management 

Ceremony 10 – Thursday 26 July 2018, 4.30pm

  • Business, Management and Economics
    • Economics
    • SPRU
    • CCE
  • English
    • English
    • SCLS

Ceremony 11 – Friday 27 July 2018, 10am

  • Media, Film and Music

Ceremony 12 – Friday 27 July 2018, 1.30pm

  • Education and Social Work

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