Student Prizes

We like to announce student prizes at our graduation ceremonies. At the ceremony the presenter will read out the prize details then the student’s name. The student will then shake hands with the presenter and then walk across the platform and shake hands with the Chancellor in the normal way.

If you are aware of a student who has been awarded a prize and would like it to be announced at graduation please could you fill in the form below.

Please note:

1. We try to include all prize announcements at graduation if notification is given to the Graduation Office at least two weeks before the ceremony.

2. We only announce the prize if a student is attending the ceremony.

3. Due to print deadlines prize details are not included in the graduation programme.

4. We do not give out cheques, prize certificates, trophies etc at the ceremony.

Any prizes, cheques and trophy sending out is the responsibility of the appropriate member of staff who is connected to awarding the prize.  Please ensure that YOU have arranged for the prize, cheque, etc to be sent to the student so that the student does not request it on graduation day.

Please complete the form below regarding a student prize:

This form will be sent to Sara Tooth

Prize details