Faculty and Professional Services staff

The graduation ceremonies are the highlight of the University of Sussex calendar when we celebrate the academic achievement of our students with their family and friends.

Graduation is an extremely special occasion for all involved, from graduating students to their proud families. A key element to engendering such a uniquely celebratory atmosphere is the presence of members of the Faculty and Professional Services staff.

Graduands really appreciate seeing the familiar faces of their academic supervisors alongside them on stage, as well as the opportunity to introduce their tutors and lecturers to loved ones at the post-ceremony drinks reception.

The role played by Professional Services staff is equally as important. As well as the sense of community and togetherness that comes from colleagues joining forces to recognise the success of our students, the events simply could not happen without the practical input of members of Professional Services staff.

Whether robing graduands, directing guests within the auditorium, distributing tickets and programmes, or fulfilling one of many other administrative and public-facing roles, it is impossible to underestimate the vital part that staff play.

Please do consider signing up to help ensure that this important event continues to reflect the fantastic achievements of Sussex students. Your help is much appreciated.

Thank you.

The Graduation Team.