School of Global Studies

Postgraduate dissertation with placement

Undertaking a placement as part of your Masters degree in the School of Global Studies is an exciting way to develop a global perspective and to undertake research which can feed directly into your dissertation. The experiences, knowledge and skills gained are invaluable. At Sussex we actively encourage our students to undertake work placements and provide a range of opportunities.

A placement can help you in several ways. By giving you real-world work experience in a challenging environment, it can help you develop valuable skills such as team work, accountability, analytical ability and relationship building.  These, together with the experience you gain, will raise your attractiveness to potential employers and will help you meet the challenges of project work and intensive study.

Placements last for 12 weeks and generally take place after the end of teaching at the end of April/early May.  You spend the Autumn term researching potential placements, and making speculative applications. You can also write your dissertation based on your experience. You’ll be responsible for applying for and securing your placement. 

Anywhere!  Some students want to find placements overseas while others look locally for opportunities.  Masters students have travelled around the world to countries including  Mexico and Indonesia, while others are undertaking placements in Europe and more locally in London and Sussex. They are gaining valuable experience in a range of organisations including NGOs, Government agencies and conservation bodies.

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