School of Global Studies

Employing casual workers

From 1 June 2022, the University changed the way that staff employ casual workers. All must now be recruited from Reed Talent Solutions, who will recruit, manage, produce timesheets for and pay the workers, including carrying out right-to-work checks.

More detailed information can be found on the Finance web pages, including FAQs and guidance documents. See Managed Service for UK-based Non-permanent Workers.

This process must be used for any type of casual engagement in the school that used to go through the casual payroll. There are, however, a few exceptions for which we have been given special dispensation to employ and pay individuals directly - those where only a named specific individual is wanted, i.e:

  • Guest lecturers / Guest speakers / Workshop facilitators
  • External Examiners
  • External Research Advisors

For the above scenarios, the recruiter will need to complete the Invoice Request Template [PDF 657.49KB] - either themselves or asking the employee to do this for us. The exception is 'Experts by Experience' who can continue using the same forms they have always used.

The employment of any other type of other casual worker - such as student helpers - must complete the Casual Staff Request Form below, providing all relevant details (this online form replaces the old casual claim form). Once received, the Head of School Coordinator [] and Assistant Operations Manager [] will liaise with Reed and the employee to arrange payment.

NOTE: A form must be completed before any work takes place.

NOTE: As Reed must be able to complete the requisite right-to-work checks before the work can commence, they must be given a sufficient notice period to do so.

Documents providing more detail and guidance for staff will follow, alongside the updating of existing policies which refer to the employment of casual workers. Meanwhile, please contact the Head of School Coordinator or Assistant Operations Manager with any questions.