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Adobe Creative Cloud licensing update

Since the start of lockdown, Adobe have provided (via JISC) complimentary at-home access to their Creative Cloud (CC) suite of software for students.

While an expiration date of 6th July 2020 was provided for this facility,  arrangements are in place that will provide continuity for students. The plan is to purchase subscriptions to provide full access for students who will need this for their studies. These subscriptions will run until Sept 2022 so this should provide confidence that this is new and permanent addition to this ITS software offering for students which should enhance their remote learning capacity post-Covid.

From 7th July, Adobe will convert students to a 7 day free trial license, which provides reduced access to the Creative Cloud suite of applications. In parallel with this the plan is to identify the individuals that require the full home-access licences and ITS will upgrade their accounts.

Students will be receiving notifications that their (free) license is about to expire and will be understandably anxious about this – please be reassured that ITS are working to ensure continued access on the basis above, as appropriate.