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This site is specifically for students and staff in the School of Global Studies. It aims to provide – on one site – a comprehensive guide to how the School is organised, our facilities, and School-level policies on issues ranging from teaching and research to carbon reduction, recycling and health and safety.

The School has ambitious plans to become the UK’s leading centre of research and teaching in global studies. With this in mind, we are developing School-level plans to internationalise the curriculum, including study abroad, and international employability. In due course, these plans and policies will appear on this site. The site also contains practical information you need for your degree, such a programme and course specifications, and information on assessment, office hours and options, as well as practical research information including forms for ethical clearance and hazard and risk assessment.

We welcome your feedback on how this site is organised, and on the information it contains.  If you spot an error, or something that is not clear, please contact us on