School of Global Studies

Global Studies in a Day

What does Global Studies do?

We want to capture the diverse life and work of the School and celebrate the people who make it what it is by asking everyone who studies or works here to send us a photo on 1/12/11.

The images will be displayed in the Dhaba Cafe as part of the Sussex University 50th celebrations and will form an archive of life within Global Studies on that day.

The project will only be possible with YOUR help, so please take part in this exciting event. 


Any time on Thursday 1st December


Just send us a photo (high res if possible) of yourself doing something Global with you in the image, your name, where you were born, and where you are now, to - and that’s it.

Ideas for the photo

Writing, reading, talking, watching, learning, travelling, eating, sleeping, running, thinking, on campus, off campus, ..... So long as it’s connected with the Global everything goes.