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November is Academic Writing Month (#AcWriMo)

...and the University has organised some extra support to help you with your writing!

What is AcWriMo?

Set up in 2011, AcWriMo is an annual web-based writing event, challenging participants to meet a self-set writing goal during the month of November. The essence of AcWriMo is that individuals make a personal decision to engage and commit to:
  1. Set yourself one or more writing goals. These might be to achieve a certain wordcount, put in a particular number of hours, or reach certain milestones on one or more writing projects

  2. Make those goals public. Traditionally this was done by using a publicly viewable “accountability spreadsheet” (e.g. we have organised one for 2019 on Google docs), however some people simply use the social media hashtag #AcWriMo.

  3. Plan an approach for the month. Make sure you have done enough preparation to write a lot: carve out some time slots to dedicate to writing; think about whether you want to spend this time in a different location (the Hive is a great place to really focus on getting to grips with your writing).

  4. Share / discuss your progress through the month - using social media and/or the accountability spreadsheet.  Consider signing up to one of more of the free coaching events/fora set up for the month – e.g. Katy Peplins resources and community

  5. Work really hard and don’t get distracted! Some tricks to maintain momentum might be to buddy up with someone else (either in person, or virtually); think about using the Pomodoro technique to help you measure/keep track of your progress

  6. At the end of the month, publicly declare your results. By doing this the whole writing community can celebrate the collective achievement, but also know what didn’t work and learn from each other about how to improve (goal setting / time management / being realistic) for the next writing projects.
How do Institutions engage with it?

Different Universities encourage and support their researchers / academic staff to engage with AcWriMo in different ways (e.g. a group of Universities have collaborated to run WriteFest 2019).

Here at Sussex the Research Staff Office, Researcher Development Programme and Research Hive are all putting on a range of special events to support our researchers to improve, and achieve, their writing goals through November. 

What is the Research Staff Office doing?

1) We have organised to deliver a range of special webinars and workshops to support you with various aspects of your academic writing: 2) We have arranged a limited number of 1:1 "coaching for writing" opportunities to help researchers with specific academic writing goals 

3) We will be highlighting support from our sister groups across the University, and arranging various "pop-up" events through Nov-Dec on topics related to Academic Writing. Monitor our @SussexResearchr twitter feed to see what's going on!

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By: Alexander Aghajanian
Last updated: Friday, 1 November 2019