Introduction to the site

The GDSC is a research centre investigating the responses of cells to genome damage and their relationship to cancer and other aspects of human disease. The purpose-built laboratories, funded by the Joint Infrastructure Fund (JIF), the Wolfson Foundation and the University, are located adjacent to the School of Life Sciences, and provide a dynamic and collaborative environment for carrying out state-of -the-art research. Much of this research is supported by the Medical Research Council via a Centre Grant and Programme Grants. The Centre currently houses twenty research groups.

News - Booking diaries

We are moving to a new booking system and are testing the system with 2 dairies: pDV and FACScanto. Access these diaries using the link under 'Quick Link', in the right hand column. Currently access is limited to members of Genome and Life Sciences. Let me know if you experience any problems.

Networked Resources

The Centre has a group directory (mapped as the G: drive on Windows workstations), containing files that can be accessed by all GDSC members. The sub-directory 'genome_all' contains:

  • Image Resources - a collection of Powerpoint files with useful images that can be freely used
  • Manuals and Guides
  • MassSpec Proteomics
  • Statistical analysis: points of significance - Nature Methods
  • Risk Assessments