Tissue Culture

GDSC Tissue Culture Facility

The Tissue Culture Facility is a shared resource providing effective, high quality research support within the GDSC.

Located across level 2.


Core TC Team:

Dr Lisa Woodbine-Research Tissue Culture Facility Manager

Undertakes the role of the institution’s lead in tissue culture, ensuring appropriate compliance and management of the Cell Culture Facility, GDSC Research Tissue Bank, the Institutional Strategic Support Fund translational service and a diagnostic service for rare human genetic disorders.

Elena Korneeva-Specialist Technician

Responsible for technical support, training and diagnostic work.

Jekaterina Garaliene-Technician

Responsible for technical support activities.

Victoria Connolly-Preparation Technician

Responsible for the preparation of equipment and materials to support the TC Facility.


Training and Services

We run inductions and comprehensive training for staff and students in basic cell culture techniques and offer expertise and advice on:

  • Clonogenic survival analysis
  • Retroviral and lentiviral work
  • IPSC culture
  • HTA work
  • siRNA screens
  • Immunofluorescence

 We provide the following services:

  • Cell stock generation and mycoplasma testing
  • Primary fibroblast immortalisation (hterting)
  • Cell line verification

The TC facility aims to work with Centre members to meet their individualised research needs.

Please feel free to contact staff about your particular requirements.