transfering files

The Sequencing machine is controlled by a Mac workstation but this machine is old. It won't accept USB drives and the iomega Zip drive is faulty. In any event, iomega technology is now consider obsolete and there are no other workstations within the GDSC that will read iomega Zip discs. Use the FTP program 'Fetch' to transfer your files to your Home directory; there's a shortcut to the program on the Mac desktop.

Using your Sussex University file space

Moving your files to your Home directory is a two step process:

  • 'put' the Run folder containing your files to your Sussex University file space, which is on a unix server
  • then move the folder from this server to your GDSC home directory using, for example, FileZilla
Your Sussex University file space is used for your email account. You should be very careful not to permanently populate this file space with folders that aren't to do with emails. If you do you risk damaging your email account. You should:
  • delete the Run folder from the unix file space once you've moved it to your Home directory

Use 'Fetch' to connect to the US unix server and move your files

  • open the FTP program 'Fetch'
  • Under the heading 'Make a connection to this FTP account' enter the following details:
  • Host:
  • User ID: your US id
  • Password: your US password
  • Click 'OK'

Once you've successfully connected to the unix server you can copy your Run folder:

  • Click on the 'Remote' menu option and select 'Put Folders and files...' from the drop down menu list
  • within the dialogue box browse to and select the Run folder that contains your sequencing files
  • Click the 'ADD' button to add this folder to the list of Folders and files to be uploaded
  • Click the 'DONE' button
  • In the'Put files' dialogue box click 'OK'. There's no need to alter the default settings
  • The folder will upload to the unix server
  • Close Fetch

Use FTP to move your files to your Home directory

  • Using a workstation or laptop open an FTP program
  • Connect to the host:
  • User ID: your US id
  • Password: your US password
  • Port: 21
  • Server type: FTP
  • Transfer your Run folder
  • IMPORTANT: once you've successfully transfer the data make sure you delete the Run folder and its contents from the US unix server