Imaging Support

Development of Non-standard Imaging Protocol

  • Non-standard Imaging Protocol includes experiments that require optimization of microscope settings and sample preparation protocol.
  • Typical non-standard imaging includes live imaging, DNA breakdown, TIRF, FRET, FRAP, super-resolution microscopy, quantitative microscopy, etc.
  • Facility staff are usually involved in optimising the microscope settings, although we can also take over imaging role as a collaborator
  • Quantitative microscopy usually consider jointly the protocol of sample preparation, imaging and image processing.
  • Protocol optimisation takes a few experiments.

Development of Microscope Hardware

  • Facility has expertise/experience to setup advance microscope from scratch.
  • The development requirements are similar to a biological project in terms of resources and duration.
  • The project takes steps of technology development, prototype testing, and user friendness optimization.
  • We can also modify commercial microscopes with add-on functions